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Where Dreams
Get Dressed
Up In Magic!
Thomas F. Dawn is an author living in St. Paul, MN. He first realized that his ambition to write
began at the early age of five. During the course of his life, he put aside all other ambitions,
goals and careers, and kept himself focused on his ultimate dream - to find a way to reach out
to people and find a nice, big audience for his work.
During the course of his life, Thomas exhibited wit, talent and grace throughout his school
years. Although he tended to be the silent type, his dream was nonetheless - to become bigger
and louder than life itself. He was generally interested in all of the arts - he sang and played the
trumpet and eventually chaired that section during his senior year. He was also a thespian, and
like so many others in his family, he showed an aptitude and an appreciation toward art - with
photography being his preferred skill.
Thomas F. Dawn
Thomas has a number of books, stories and more
available through his publishing endeavors - a trilogy
through eQuip The Word Publishing; a novel and a
few upcoming works via King Lapis Lepidopterous
Books, Inc.; and now a series of short stories via
King Lapis Lepidopterous Books and Orbit Inclination
Books, Inc. - through his pen name and alter-ego:
Rick Wallum